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[NOTE: This Download is a 'Beta' Release, for testing.  It is still under development.

Most of the indicated shortcut keys work, but not all.  The completed version will appear later this year. ]
























  'WiseIdea Keyboard'  A Free  'Hotkey' (Shortcut key) Program

Go to:   The Web's Most Complete list of Keyboard Shortcut Keys!

Use of keyboard shortcuts can greatly ease and speed up computing, creating a real rise in productivity.

Most 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome' and RSI can be prevented, or even cured, by avoiding the mouse and using the keyboard instead.

Keyboarding is good for the eyes. (You can use shortcuts while blinking or looking out the window, whereas 'mouse-ing' requires constant visual and arm strain).


BUT.......: Who can remember all the shortcut keys? And each program uses different keys, and they even change with each version. It's too hard.....

WiseIdea is changing this.  With this free tool, you just press the 'home' key on the Numerical Pad (on the right of your keyboard), to see a picture-list of all hotkeys.

We make the same hotkeys work the same way on all programs. And, we're adding new shortcuts and functions all the time. Some are '1-key shortcuts' that work right on the number-pad (when NumLock is 'Off').  After a few uses of the 'home' key to see the picture-list of hotkeys, they soon become second nature, - your fingers 'know' them.  Take the tour here:

READ MORE: Tour our 'Keyboard Shortcuts Program'

Freeware with no strings attached.   And there will never be any 'adware' or 'spyware' or 'malware' in any of our products.

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