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Finding Free Pictures for your WebSite:

The internet is full of downloadable photos, many of which you can use on your website.  BUT.....
Before you use a photo that is not yours, you must be sure you have the legal right to do so.  The owner may restrict its use, or may sell the use of the photo, reequiring you pay a 'royalty' for its use(sometimes for very little $).   But you can find many photos that are 'royalty free'.   
Here's a list of sites that have mostly free photos.  (But check the license.  And in many cases you'll need to give a written credit or link to the artist, this is known as an 'Attribution License' ):
You can download such photos by right-clicking on them and choosing 'Save Image As', and save it to your computer.  Then from there, you can 'upload' it to our servers, for using on your website.  
Pic Finder:    Searches numerous sites for stock photography that is completely free to use commercially.  
— Creative Commons Search   (Search free photos)
DotGovWatch Photo Search:   Another search engine of photos in the public domain
— Google's Advanced Image_Search   At the bottom of this page, you can specify in this field:
"usage rights:  Find images you are free to use yourself:"   Here click the dropdown and choose:  "free to use or share, even commercially".    Then it should, hopefully, only show photos you are free to use (but check the website for any licenses or restrictions).

And Here Are The Best Free Photo WebSites...

DeviantART    (Great art, but read the license for each before using )
Flickr  (Many, but not all on Flickr are offered under the 'Creative Commons' free license)
Foto Search Stock Photography - Search 12.9 Million Stock Photos, Royalty Free 
Liam's pictures from Old Books   ( Pics from old books, which are no longer copyrighted )
Icons-MysiteMyWay  Royalty Free Icons & Clipart Stock Images
Icon Finder   Search through 250,000 icons