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Choosing Colors:

Do you have particular color preferences for your site?  For the various sections, columns, blocks, and text of each page...?

Tell us your likes and dislikes.  (These can always be changed later).

If your site has a lot of text and reading, then it is generally better to avoid white, because reading  while staring at a monitor with bright white tends to tire the eyes.   Anything other than white is more relaxing.  But if the color is dark, then a white text should be used to contrast with the background.  

If you like the colors on some other website or web page, send us the url address of that web page, and we can match the colors. 

If you want to pick exact colors, refer to our color chart here:  Color Chart of Common Web Colors

You can indicate the colors you like by referring to the 'hexadecimal number' (a 6 digit number preceded with '#'.  The hex digits are a mix of letters and numbers.  Such as '#FF6600', which is a shade of orange.  You can ignore the 'RGB' numbers. )

But there are millions of other color nuances, far beyond this color chart.  Here's a helpful page for picking an exact shade:  0 to 255     Or on this page: WorkWithColor - Color Schemer  you can create exact nuances.  And again, send that color shade to us by indicating the 6 digit 'HEX number'.

Behind all the sections and columns on your webpage, you can have a general 'page background color', (or you could choose an image or 'wallpaper texture' for this background.   

Each column section on your site can have both its own background color, and a color for the fonts (the actual text letters).   Links can have a contrasting color.   And links that have already been 'visited', or when the user is 'hovering' the mouse over, can have yet another color.  

Or you can ignore all this, and let the user's browser use its default colors for anything you didn't specify.  Browsers tend to use a white background, but as mentioned, slightly colored or darker backgrounds are easier on the eye for reading.  But if you choose a colored or darker background, then we need to make sure that the font text and links are of a contrasting color. (You don’t want a navy background with black text, but white or yellow text is excellent on navy.)

Thee is a free tool called 'Color Cop' which helps you create the exact color you wish.    You can download it; no installation is required, it’s ‘portable’.  It has a 'color eyedropper' which allows you to collect the hex number of any color you see on the web.  (by Jay Prall)

Or, you could download a somewhat larger program, PicPick, which also has a similar 'color eyedropper', Plus a simple picture editor: PicPick