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If this is your first website, you might wish to print out these instructions, to have at your side while you work on your site.


Once logged in, click on the tab at the top that says: 'Pages'.  This shows you a list of all the pages you currently have on your website.  You can delete a page by clicking its red 'X' at the far right.  Or you can click on any of these page links to open its edit page, where you can edit that page. 

So go ahead now and click on one of the pages in your 'Page Management' list.  If this is your first time, you may see some nonsensical Latin like 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet’.  Go ahead and delete it and write whatever you wish for that page.   
You'll see a bunch of small icon buttons at the top of the edit area, which allow you to change formatting, add pictures, links, etc.  You can hover over the button to see its name.  They are explained on our 'Edit Bar Keyboard Buttons' page.

Remember to click the 'Save Updates' button, to save your edits and post them on your website!   If you're doing a lot of writing, you'll want to periodically press this button, so you won't risk losing all your work!

You can then click the 'view' button to see the results of your work! (Opens in a new browser tab.)
On some setups and themes, we have placed an 'Edit Page' button on the top of each of your pages.  This will ONLY appear when you're logged in, so your site visitors will never see it.  if you click it, it takes you back to the editing page for that particular webpage.   

! IMPORTANT: Note that your webpages will NOT show in the sites menu unless it has been checkmarked for this!  
To do this: go back to the 'Edit Page' view for this page.  Click the button 'Page Options', which opens a panel of options.  Put a checkmark in: 'Add this page to the menu'.   (Optionally, you can add a shorter name to be used in the menu.  If you leave it blank, then the page name will be used in the menu.)   Then click the 'Save Updates' button again.

Create a NEW Page:

You just click the link on the side that says 'Create New Page' when you want to create a new one.  You will need to type a name for it.   

! NOTE: Your editing only effects the 'content' of the main writing area, and any pictures or videos you wish to add to it.
The appearance of your webpages (colors, arrangement, fonts, header, etc) is mostly caused by your site 'theme'.  You can easily switch to any of many themes we have, to completely change the look, all at once.  Or better yet, have us create a 'customized theme' exactly according to your wishes.