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A basic component of many websites is a 'gallery' of photo images.   Or, alternately, a slideshow.  There are many, many ways we can set this up for you.  Here is one nice example of one style of a gallery.   You will be able to create new galleries for your website at a single click, and upload images to it, or move, re-arrange, or rename the pictures.   We can change the styling and the way the gallery works.

Click on any picture to open it full size.  You can use the 'arrow keys' on your keyboard to advance forward and backward, — or just click on the picture.
You can also click to run the gallery as a slideshow.   There are many options for how this gallery can look or function, and we can set this up for you.

Note that this gallery is 'paginated', that is, it has multible pages.   Click on the numbers at the bottom to go to that particular page.